Psoriasis Treatment


Psoriasis Sidhmam
Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes red dry patches of thickened skin. The condition commonly occurs in the skin of the elbows, knees, and scalp.
Causes of Psoriasis
Various reasons are accounted to the development of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a non contagious disease condition so heredity plays an important role in the development of the skin condition. If any one of the parent has the condition, the possibility of child getting the psoriasis is high. Few other causes for psoriasis include:
  • Consumption of conflicting foods (for example consuming fish and milk together)
  • Medication that cause skin irritation
  • Excess smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Mental stress
  • Psychological trauma
Symptoms of Psoriasis
Few symptoms associated with psoriasis include:
  • Silvery scales on the skin surface
  • Itching or burning skin
  • Skin redness and bumps
  • Limited joint movement
  • Skin pain and inflammation
  • Skin blisters and bleeding patches
Ayurvedic Treatment for Psoriasis
As per Ayurveda, Psoriasis is developed due to the imbalance of basic doshas in the body mainly Vata and Kapha. Alternation in the doshas causes accumulation of toxins and contamination of deeper tissues in the body and develops the symptoms.
We believe in identifying the root cause of symptoms associated with the skin condition and conclude on the treatment plan accordingly. Understandig the cause helps the doctor to rule out other complication associated with the symptoms. We prepare customized treatment plan for each individual patient and the treatment method include purification of blood and rejuvenation of deep layer tissues. Flushing out the toxins and restoring the digestion process prevent further toxin accumulation. This is achieved through a combination of herbal decoctions, snehapana and herbal oils that reduce the symptoms and cleanse the body. The application of herbal packs and oils in the skin removes the red and itchy patches of skin from the affected area and the internal administration of medications prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body. The treatment plan helps to strengthen and tone the tissues to promote complete healing of the skin.
Along with treatment procedures and decoction, few lifestyle modifications are advised by the doctor to prevent the further accumulation of toxins i and to prevent the reoccurrence of skin condition in the body. This includes educating the patient on avoiding the consumption of opposite or conflicting food that are unhealthy to the body. Customized diet plan is drafted as per patient health condition to include fiber rich food that cleanse the systems in the body.


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