Ayurvedic Treatments to Reduce Cholesterol

The word “sterol” denotes one of a group of steroid alcohols. The most important sterols are “cholesterol” and “ergosterol”. Cholesterol is a fat like material (a sterol) present in the blood and most tissues. Cholesterol is also constituent of gall stones. It is a soft, waxy substance found in all body’s cells and among the lipids in the blood stream. Cholesterol and other fats can not dissolve in blood.
Excess cholesterol, actually the low – density lipoprotein, part of cholesterol deposited in the artery walls coat the wall linings causing the hardening of the walls. Blood flow gets restricted, and the heart has to do more pumping. The hardened arteries can rupture, bleed, haemorrage or clot. If the clot blocks the arteries completely, halting blood supply to the heart or brain, heart attacks and strokes occur. That’s why LDL cholesterol is often called “bad” cholesterol. Lower levels of LDL cholesterol reflect a lower risk of heart disease.
Though a lot of market preparations are available, it is preferable to take the advice of a Ayurvedic physician. You can have a consultation with our Doctor and get your problems sorted out. For your valuable information and perusal; here are a few of our articles related to Ayurvedic treatment.

Not All fats are bad

All fats are not created equal, however and certain ones provide more benefit than others.

Some monosaturated fats may raise body’s HDL cholesterol (the good one) that protects against heart diseases.

There are a couple of other factors in certain fats’ favor.

Guggulu reduces cholesterols levels remarkably

Guggulu has been an important herb in Ayurveda since long.

Atharva Veda, Charaka, Sushruta mention Guggulu in their treatises.

Other Samhitas and Nigandus of Ayurveda tell about Guggulu.

Ayurvedic books referred to uses of Nava Guggulu and purana Guggulu Botanical origin: Actually Guggulu is a oleo-resin obtained from the plant-commiphora Mukul.

Terminalia Arjuna for the Heart

Latin Name: Terminalia Arjuna Family: Combretaceae Sanskrit Name: Arjuna, Dhavala Hindi: Arjuna, Arjana, Kahua, Jamla Tamil: Marudu, Vellamatta Telugu: Maddhi Kannada: Maddi Malayalam: Vellamaruta, Pulla – masuta Parts used: Leaf, bark and fruit Botanical description: A large and dense, evergreen tree with a spreading crown and drooping branches.

Black Tea – the age old Cinese habit

Drinking tea is just not an age old habit – it represents the sophistication of culture and civilisations of the human world.

Black tea has a long history of use, dating back to China, opproximately 5000 years ago.

From China, the beverage spread into Japan and India.

GARLIC – The super anti-oxidant

There is a legend about garlic.

When the Asuras and devas churned the sea of milk for getting “Amrita” (Elixir of life). Mahalakshmi, the elephant iravatha, the cow kamadhnu, celestial tree etc appeared.

Dhanwantri, the lord of medicine, then followed. Along with ‘Amrita’, deadly poison also came out.

Simple Tips to Prevent Heart Diseases

Prevention of Heart Diseases Exercise is one of the best – and most enjoyable – ways of lowering the chances of developing heart disease.

Exercise at least three to four times a week for about 30 minutes each day.

Give up smoking. High blood pressure increases the chances of developing heart disease.

Herbs for the Heart

Cardiac problems arise due to improper diet, lack of water in the body and stressful life styles.

These lead to thickening of arteries or hardening of arteries resulting in angio-obstruction  and angina.

Excessive physical and mental stress Spicy and oily food.

You are looking for an Ayurvedic Treatment for Cholesterol

Ayurvedic Treatment offered by Doctor Ayurvedic is the most comprehensive one, that not only alleviates the sufferings but also checks repeated occurence. The "State of the Art" Ayurvedic and Herbal Preparations used in the treatment are in the form of Tablets, Capsules and Oils, which are manufactured using 100% Pure Herbs and Herbal extracts only. Shasthrik preparations are not used as they require stringent administration methods and food restrictions. Other chemical preparations are not used, hence the Treatment can provide.
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